How We’re Reconnecting with Our Dog with Help from Amazon Prime Video’s “The Pack”

With help from Amazon Prime Video's "The Pack," we're reconnecting with our dog, Deuce, and helping him reestablish his sense of play and trust.

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Amazon Prime Video.I know dogs are smart. I accept and acknowledge that they have a certain sense about things. I mean, they can hear someone walking towards to he porch through a closed door. So I don’t know how weird it would sound for me to say, I think dogs know when a change is coming. And I think when Deuce saw that we were moving, back in March, he started to act … a way. More frustratingly, he reverted to using the bathroom in the house. I began to feel that reconnecting with our dog was the only to fix his anxiety and, dare I say, fear.I do think that some of it is my fault. It’s no secret that from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was no longer interested in being a dog mommy. I admit that because I can confidently acknowledge that I dont always have the patience or energy to do the things required of being a dog mommy. Add a newborn, and I’m completely choosing sides. And I did. I made the decision that if we were keeping Deuce, then the responsibility for taking care of him would go back to Marcel.

But two years in, I’ve realized that somewhere along the line, I don’t think Deuce trusts me anymore. And I’ve known for a while. He’s skittish around me and I’d even call it fearful. So when Amazon Prime Video and Babbleboxx sent me a box of toys and equipment to encourage play with Deuce in celebration of their new show The Pack, I was all for it. The shipment included not only an agility-type of play tunnel (which I think was mostly for Deuce, but I’m sure Skylar will enjoy as well), but also a ball pit and a play tent (which I think was mostly for Skylar). It also included a huge ball on a rope, two Whistler balls and some bubble bath, which …. (SHOCKER!) is safe for both Deuce and Skylar to use.

We’re going to continue to play games with Deuce and definitely add these toys to his collection to help him reestablish his independence and sense of play. And I love a good world travel competition show, so I’m also going to be watching Amazon Prime Video’s The Pack, premiering November 20th.The Pack aims to celebrate that unrivaled bond between dogs and their human caretakers on an epic reality-competition adventure to the ends of the earth. In a global journey, inspired by global dog culture, twelve teams of one human and one dog will race from country to country to compete in incredible challenges which are only achievable by the strength of their bond.

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How To Reconnect with the Your Dog Through Play - Amazon Prime Video - The Pack