Hi, I'm Tia

I am Tomaseena but most people just call me “Tia.” I'm Graphic Designer by trade, but the rest of my time is spent as a mom, fiancee, entrepreneur and serial creative. I enjoy sharing my favorite tips and content that highlights my journey with everything, including relationships and motherhood, and all the adventures in between.

I’m trying to provide great experiences for my family (my daughter and my fiance), create the traditions that I didn’t have, and cultivate the memories that none of us will ever forget. And (along with my fiance) I’m raising a spunky little girl - empowering her to live out loud, dream fearlessly and defy the expectations of her gender.

Sometimes all of this gets messy and the never-ending learning process is extremely hard; but its always gratifying. I love sharing clips of honest motherhood and genuine inspiration through my Instagram page. The highs and lows, ups and downs, successes and failures. It’s a true study in vulnerability. Either way, the journey continues.